Jialing Zheng

GRANSHAN Jury 2019: Script expert for Chinese Scripts

Jialing Zheng is design director of type 605 Factory (directly subordinate to China Printing Material Company).
She has participated in the design of simplified Song 1, Song 2, Hei 1, Hei 2, Muti Condensed, Muti Expanded, Song Title, Hei Title and Hei Round Light. She designed Hei Round Bold sampling characters, and standard phonetic elements rules combining whole characters, and final quality inspection of design. Her New Songti won the second prize in the first National Type Competition.
She received an award for Excellence in Uygur. She judges of Chinese Mongolian, Korean and Yi scripts. She has been employed as a national expert of computer typefaces. Also approved as Appraiser of Type Design of CNPMC. In the 1990s, she participated in the Chinese type delegation and visited Morisawa Japan.

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