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2 – 8 October 2017

TypeTech MeetUp 20/21

TypeTech MeetUp previously conceived as in-person conference in Munich is shifting online with 4 short sessions spread over 10 months with 4 topics:

• UI/UX & Type
• Multiscript & Web Typography
• Tools & (collaborative) Font Design
• Type Design & Society

The third session to the theme of Tools and (collaborative) Font Design will be held online on the 18th June 2021, starting 16:30 CET.

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TypeTech MeetUp has been created to fill a gap: it needed a place where font engineers and designers, web designers and developers, industry experts and tech & business professionals can exchange ideas on technical topics and develop a better designed future together.
The TypeTech MeetUp is a forum to jointly develop, discuss and document the current state of font technology as well as create a platform for the exchange of best practices, to advance the state of the art and to promote the integration of font technologies into the future of digital communication.

Speakers at TypeTech MeetUp

Graphic and Type Designer

Pooja Saxena is a typeface designer, graphic designer, and an occasional design educator from India. She studied communication design at New Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, and typeface design at the University of Reading, UK.
Pooja’s focus lies in designing typefaces for Indic scripts, and she has contributed to and led typeface projects for GNOME, Google Fonts, and the Access to Knowledge programme at the Centre for Internet & Society, Bangalore.

Freelance Font Engineer

Simon Cozens is a freelance font engineer and typographic tools developer. He is the creator of the open source typesetting engine SILE, a truly multi-script layout engine; the author of “Fonts and Layout for Global Scripts”; and the developer of many scripts and plugins for the Glyphs font editor.

Graphic Designer

Sol is an Argentinian type designer who was born in Buenos Aires.
She started her career as a graphic designer at Saatchi & Saatchi. In 2001, she founded her own branding studio, Sonnenshine, through which she has worked for clients in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.
In 2019, she founded her own type venture, Hungry Type Society. 

Font Developer

Natalia is a Font Developer at Dalton Maag. She has a background in graphic and communication design, and holds an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. Since joining Dalton Maag in 2017, she has worked on various custom projects, including multi-script typefaces, designing Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Arabic. In addition to design, she works on all stages of font development, including hinting and engineering.

Type Designer

Tim Ahrens is a type designer living in Munich, where he runs Just Another Foundry with Shoko Mugikura. His type designs include the award-winning JAF Bernini Sans, JAF Lapture and JAF Herb. Tim’s fascination for the interplay of technology and shapes led him to develop design software such as the Font Remix Tools. His research on optical sizes was published as “Size-specific adjustments to type designs” (co-written with Shoko Mugikura).

Designer, Researcher and Educator

Kyuha Shim is a designer, researcher and educator based in Pittsburgh. He is an Assistant Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, where he is Director of Computational Creativity Lab. He has been awarded renowned residencies and fellowships. He is the author of GRAPHIC #37: Introduction to Computation (Propaganda, 2016) and is working on forthcoming book entitled Computational Making in Graphic Design. 

Font/Software Engineer

Denis works on language support and font development processes.
He’s has been involved in collaborative font projects for over a decade, working on open source projects and type foundries workflows.
He has contributed to source font formats like UFO and various font development tools.

Software Engineer

Dominik has more than ten years of experience working on Web browsers. He is part of the Chrome browser’s rendering team at Google, where he implemented and shipped support for variable fonts in Chrome and contributed numerous other improvements to text shaping and font code. Recently he’s been working with colleagues at Google Fonts on making color variable vector fonts a reality.

Type Designer

Toshi is a typeface designer in London. Since he joined Monotype in 2012, he has released a number of revivals of forgotten classics such as Metro Nova, The Berthold Wolpe Collection, and Neue Plak, while also working on custom typefaces for clients. Writing systems of his interest and specialty are not only limited to Latin but others including Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Tibetan, and Mongolian. Inspired by the old game fonts, Toshi has started Tabular Type Foundry that releases monospaced typefaces only.


TypeTech MeetUp

Please find more information on the sessions here: TypeTech



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