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Granshan Yerevan
2 – 8 October 2017


Lutsk Castle, Kafedralna St, 1A, Lutsk, Ukraine
9. – 11. August 2019

“Prostir Liter” is an international festival of calligraphy, font and book.
The basis of the festival is the speeches and presentations of Ukrainian and foreign specialists in typography, design and calligraphy. “Prostir Liter” is aimed at analyzing the creative achievements of the past and searching for a modern style of calligraphy, typography and font design.

Exhibitions of contemporary authors and masters of the past will be the part of the festival. During the event, calligraphic experiments will take place such as jazz-calligraphic impromptu, large canvas paintings and walls, collective work of specialists from different countries.

“Prostir Liter” is designed for a wide audience. It's not only a professional event, there will be a number of different occasions such as live music, reviews, fair with souvenirs from different manufacturers and other.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Further information

Speakers at LUTSK

Co-Chairman Competition, Vice-President

Edik Ghabuzyan was the initiator and founder of the international type design competition GRANSHAN and now is the co-head of the organizing committee and jury board of the competition. 

Typedesigner and Interpreter

Angela Poghosova is a type designer, an interpreter and a translator who lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia.

Co-Chairman Competition, President

Boris Kochan is Designer & Publicist, Curator & Consultant. He is founder and CEO of KOCHAN & PARTNER, a branding and design agency in Munich and Berlin. For GRANSHAN he is Co-Chairman of the Competition and President of the GRANSHAN Foundation e.V.

Typeface Designer

Aliaksei Koval is founder of Koval Type Foundry & Brands Support. He is designing custom typefaces for branding needs. Aliaksei lives in Belarus.

GRANSHAN Jury 2019: Script expert for Cyrillic Scripts

Tetiana Ivanenko works at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. She researches and publishes on graphic design, visual communications, display and decorative font, sign deviations.

Graphic Designer

Tatsiana Kulazhenko is a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers and an assistant professor of Visual Design and Media program of European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Typeface Designer

Viktor Kharyk is specialized in Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian, Arabic, Devanagari, Glagolitic, Syrian and other multilingual fonts.

GRANSHAN Jury 2019: Script expert for Greek Scripts

Type Designer and Head of Creative at Parachute®, an independent type foundry and branding studio. His work has spawned numerous brand-defining typefaces over the past 15 years.


Christina Borissova specialized in calligraphy and historical cover.


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  • 11:00 — Festival opening
  • 11:30 — Opening of the exhibitions of Granshan and Pangram
  • 12:00 — Master class of Edik Ghabuzyan

  • 11:00 — Opening speech

  • 11:30 — Master classes, live music, calligraphy show (Oleksiy Chekal, Riccardo De Franceschi, Olga Protasova, Taras Makar, Sasha Bichenko, "Art and I"studio, Barbara Galinska)

  • 14:30 Break

  • 15:30 — Opening of the GRANSHAN Part of Conference
    15:40 Angela Poghosova (Armenia)
    16:00 Boris Kochan (Germany)
    16:20 Edik Ghabuzyan(Armenia)
    16:50 Viktor Kharyk (Germany)
    17:10 Tetiana Ivanenko (Ukraine)
    17:30 Aleksey Koval (Belarus)
    17:50 Panos Vassiliou (Greece)
    18:10 Verena Gerlach (Germany)
    18.30 Tatsiana Kulazhenko (Lithuania)
    18.50 Christina Borissova (Bulgaria)
    19:00 — Round table (Oleksiy Chekal, KyryloTkachov, Andrij Shevchenko, Tetiana Ivanenko, Aliaksei Koval, Edik Ghabuzyan, Viktor Kharyk, PanosVassiliou)


  • 11:00 — Opening speech

  • 11:30 — Master classes, music, calligraphy show (Oleksiy Chekal, Riccardo De Franceschi, Olga Protasova, Taras Makar, Sasha Bichenko, "Art and I" studio, Barbara Galinska)


    17:00 Denis Keleberdenko— BBDO Ukraine
    17:30 Alexander Solonko and GlebPetrov — MADCATS
    18:00 Sergey Beliy— chief artist of Dnieper
    18:30 Dmitro Lisenbard
    19:00 Victor Dubrovin— Aimbulance
    19:30 Alexander Kolodko — Agentiizmin
    20:00 Volodimir Bladjivskiy — Happy
    20:30 DmitroYarinich — Hooga
    21:00 — Festival closing

  • Lutsk Castle
    Kafedralna St, 1A,
    Lutsk, Ukraine

  • Festival coordinators:     
    Kyrylo Tkachov (Ukraine)
    Tetiana Ivanenko (Ukraine)
    Edik Ghabuzyan (Armenia)
    Angela Poghosova (Armenia)
    Boris Kochan (Germany)






We will be happy if you join in the event.


Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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