Dmitry Kirsanov

GRANSHAN Jury 2019: Script expert for Cyrillic Scripts

Dmitry Kirsanov (born 1965), graduated from the Orenburg Art School in 1987, worked as free-lance designer for Yuzhnyi Ural publishing house in Orenburg. In 1996 he graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts (formerly known as Moscow Institute of Print).
Since 1997 Kirsanov worked at Moscow State University of Printing Arts at the Department of Print Design as an instructor in type design and computer graphics. Since 2002 he is an instructor in type and typographic design at the Moscow Stroganov State Academy of Arts and Design. Since 1996 he designs typefaces for ParaType. Kirsanov is the author of several articles on type and typography.

He is an author more than 20 fonts, including the Mas d’Azil text and pictorial fonts based on ancient wall art (Diploma at type contest Kyrillitsa’99); digital version of Magistral, typeface based on a display typeface of Andrey Kryukov (1923–1998), MagMixer (2005), Lehmann Egyptian (in cooperation with Albert Kapitonov, 2018) and of several Cyrillic versions of ITC and Bitstream fonts (Diploma at Golden Bee Biennale, 1996, for ITC Bodoni 72).

Since the late 90's Kirsanov has participated as an organizer, jury member and expert in Cyrillic fonts in Russian and international font and typography competitions, such as ‘Modern Cyrillic’, TypeArt, Granshan, TDC, Typomania, etc. He is a member of the Moscow Artists Union, TDC and ATypI.

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