Christina Borissova


Christina Borissova (Bulgaria) graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria with a major in Graphic Design and Visual Communication.

Specialization in calligraphy and historical cover at the National Art Academy – Bratislava, Slovakia, and the National Archives of Slovakia, Department of Book Restoration.

Professor, Poster and Visual Communication Department (National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia and NAFA’s Burgas Branch), discipline: font and calligraphy.

At ProstirLiter she will speak about:
Recent trends in Cyrillic font developments in Bulgaria

This overview aims at presenting various aspects related to the current development of Cyrillic scripts and fonts in Bulgaria, as well as options of finding advanced solutions.
Embodiment of Cyrillic characters in our country is based on specific tradition, motivation and features. Brief historical background will be provided to help the audience fully understand the tasks of creative search and better estimate the results achieved.
The above mentioned results will be presented by selected works of a number of authors in the field of typography – individual artists, creative workshops, groups of artists, joint projects and national exhibitions of modern Bulgarian typography.
Finally, an insight of the young university students’ vision referring their place and role in the future perfection and promotion of typography and calligraphy on national, European and global scale could be an intriguing item to round up the overview.  


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