Living Letters
Granshan Yerevan
2 – 8 October 2017

Granshan is the premier forum for typeface design and typography in a global context.

Our annual conference provides a space to present the research behind innovation in global typeface design, and make connections with exceptional practitioners in the field.

To mark our tenth anniversary we return to our original location, in Yerevan: a crossroads of cultures, and a place with a deep engagement with the written word. Our theme is “Living Letters”: we are inspired by the combination of a growing awareness of the complexity in regional and local cultures, and the constant change in global typography driven by new ways of authoring and reading content.

We aim to promote reflective innovation. By fostering a deeper understanding of the rich histories that determine the present, and provide an environment for imaginative new ideas, we work to realise the potential to shape our relationship with texts through typeface design.

GRANSHAN Conference — Thu to Sat — 5 to 7 Oct
GRANSHAN Study trip — Mon to Thu — 2 to 5 Oct
GRANSHAN Jury Meeting — Wed to Thu — 4 to 5 Oct (not public)


Founding Member Foundation

Susanne Zippel, is a consulter and designer for visual communication. She has lived in Asia for more than a decade and achieved a wide range of insights into Asian art. Since 2015, she is taking part in the GRANSHAN project and is supporting it.

Type Consultant

Hrant Papazian is an Armenian native of Lebanon; his perspective on written communication was formed at the crossroads of three competing visual cultures. He now lives in Los Angeles, relishing the unique ethnic salad.


Kang Byung-in is a prominent calligrapher and visual artist in Seoul, Korea. He majored in visual art and design at college and worked at a design company later, as an editing designer at a publishing company for about 20 years.

Main Jury

Chang Kim is a typographer, visual communication designer, and educator at San José State University and a jury member of GRANSHAN Competition since 2013.

2 – 8 October 2017 Yerevan, Armenia

This year's GRANSHAN non-Latin conference takes place in Yerevan, Armenia - the place where everything started ten years ago!
This time, the conference will be held at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. In the TUMO Center, technology and art merge to offer young people everything they need to give them a competitive edge in a digital world. In this environment of productive potential, the GRANSHAN Conference will gather international typeface designers and engineers for professional exchange and networking.

Monday to Thursday 2 October to 5 October: GRANSHAN Study Trip – A deep insight in Armenians script and writing culture
Thusday to Saturday 5 October to 7 October: GRANSHAN Conference
Wednesday and Thursday 4/5 October: GRANSHAN Jury Meeting (not public)

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Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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