Living Letters
Granshan Yerevan
2 – 8 October 2017

Granshan is the premier forum for typeface design and typography in a global context.

Our annual conference provides a space to present the research behind innovation in global typeface design, and make connections with exceptional practitioners in the field.

To mark our tenth anniversary we return to our original location, in Yerevan: a crossroads of cultures, and a place with a deep engagement with the written word. Our theme is “Living Letters”: we are inspired by the combination of a growing awareness of the complexity in regional and local cultures, and the constant change in global typography driven by new ways of authoring and reading content.

We aim to promote reflective innovation. By fostering a deeper understanding of the rich histories that determine the present, and provide an environment for imaginative new ideas, we work to realise the potential to shape our relationship with texts through typeface design.

SAVE THE DATE for GRANSHAN Conference 2018:
23 July 2018 – Armenian Script & Culture Day – Los Angeles/Glendale, USA
24 – 29 July 2018 – Conference, Workshops, Receptions, Exhibitions, Study Trip – San José and San Francisco, USA


Founding Member Foundation

Susanne Zippel, is a consulter and designer for visual communication. She has lived in Asia for more than a decade and achieved a wide range of insights into Asian art. Since 2015, she is taking part in the GRANSHAN project and is supporting it.

Lettering Artist

Khajag Apelian is a lettering artist, type and graphic designer. He designed Arek, a typeface that was awarded the Grand Prize at GRANSHAN 2010. He currently operates under the name debakir – Armenian for printed type – and teaches design courses at the American University of Beirut.

Type Consultant

Hrant Papazian is an Armenian native of Lebanon; his perspective on written communication was formed at the crossroads of three competing visual cultures. He now lives in Los Angeles, relishing the unique ethnic salad.


Timothy Donaldson is a letterworker: a practising graphic designer, type designer and action calligrapher with enthusiasm for the use, abuse and reuse of text as a communication device.

Main Jury

Chang Kim is a typographer, visual communication designer, and educator at San José State University and a jury member of GRANSHAN Competition since 2013.


Avraham Cornfeld is a Tel Aviv based typographer and entrepreneur, who likes to collaborate with good people in creating good things.
Such collaborations have led him to establish the AlefAlefAlef Typefoundry.

Type Designer, CEO

Geumho Seok is an influential typographer, font designer, educator and he is also CEO who runs type foundry named ‘Sandoll Communications’. With talented designers and developers, Sandoll has over 600 types of font being sold through on online and been held in high regard.

Visual Artist

Ruben Malayan is an award-winning art director, photographer and visual artist. His career in graphic design spans over fifteen years - crossing over into the fields of calligraphy and typography. He exhibits art both locally, and abroad.


Nejdeh Hovanessian calls himself a ‘designpreneur’. t is more than eights years that he has focused his career on brand building in the Iranian market. He is the founder and managing director of ‘Articulate, branding, strategy and design’. Currently, his firm consults the most prominent digital startups of Iran.

Main Jury

Gerry Leonidas is an Associate Professor in Typography at the University of Reading, UK. He teaches, supervises, and lectures on typography, typeface design, and typographic education.

Main Jury

Dr Fiona Ross specializes in non-Latin type design and typography. Since 1989 she has worked as a consultant, author, lecturer, and type designer. Since 2012 she is a jury member of GRANSHAN competition.

Main Jury

Based in Beijing, Dr Liu Zhao is a type and visual communication designer from China. She is as well an educator as a judge in type design contests.

Main Jury

Adi Stern is a graphic designer, type designer and a design educator and has served as the head of the department of visual communication at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem since 2008. He joined the GRANSHAN jury 2014.


Davit Ghazaryan is an art-historian and codicologist in Yerevan, Armenia. Since many years he is working close to the GRANSHAN project.

Main Jury

Since 2007 she has been a member of the GRANSHAN organizing committee and since 2013 she has been a member of the jury board of Annual International Type Design competition GRANSHAN.

Graphic Designer

Carolyn Puzzovio is a practicing graphic designer whose abiding interest has been lettering and type design. She spent thirty-eight years working in design education, mainly at the Universities of Lincoln and Northampton, UK. In the late 1990s Carolyn’s interest in lettering evolved into a fascination for the Armenian ‘aybuben’. She has given talks on the Armenian alphabet at international conferences/events.

Giga Khatiashvili is an industrial and graphic designer, as well as a brand specialist. Almost for 20 years now, he works in design, advertising, branding and marketing industries.

Main Jury

Haytham Nawar is an artist, designer, and researcher who currently lives and works in Cairo. He is Assistant Professor and Director of the Graphic Design program, Department of the Arts at the American University in Cairo. At the Granshan Competition, he is specialist in Arabic typefonts.

Type Designer

Syuzi Hakobyan is a type designer from Yerevan, Armenia. She studied at Erevani Gexarvesti Petakan Akademia.
Her typeface SHK An has been awarded 2nd prize in GRANSHAN Competition 2016.

Main Jury

Alexei Vanyashin is a Russian typeface designer, and educator. He researches and writes on the history of Cyrillic. Since 2014, he is a member of the GRANSHAN jury.

Type Designer

Hrachuhi Grigoryan is an Armenian Typedesigner, living in Yerevan. Her typefaces were awarded several times at the GRANSHAN non-Latin typedesign competition.

Graphic Designer

Todor Vardjiev is working in the sphere of graphic design and advertising, book design, type design and calligraphy, posters, trade marks and corporative design, philatelic graphic, heraldry.
He is the author of the graphic design of the new Bulgarian identity documents: passports, identity cards, driving licenses, visa stickers.

Type Designer

Marieta Arzumanyan is an Armenian type designer. She has been designing several award-winning typefaces and won prizes in GRANSHAN Competitions.

Font Designer

Kyrylo Tkachov is one of the most famous font designers in Ukraine. Until recently he lived in Lugansk, but he moved with his family in Lutsk, where he continued to work on letters and fonts, and besides teaching students and all who want to create a beautiful around him. For this, Kyrylo founded the first and the only online calligraphy and leverage course.

Type and Graphic Designer

Ilya Ruderman, a type and graphic designer and teacher, lives and works in Moscow. He has a MA degree in type design from the Type & Media program at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. After completing the program, he returned to Moscow, where he has collaborated for a number of media. Since 2007 he has also supervised the curriculum in type and typography at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. He has been very active as a consultant on Cyrillic since 2008.

Rainer Erich (‘Eric’) Scheichelbauer was born in Vienna. A trained photographer, Eric holds both a philosophy and a Dutch studies degree. He creates typefaces and since he has joined the Glyphs team in 2012, he has been writing articles, tutorials, and Python scripts, as well as the blog and the handbook. He lives and works in Vienna, where he runs his type studio Schriftlabor.

Software Developer

Bauhaus University graduate Georg Seifert is a type designer and a software developer. His typeface families Graublau Sans and Graublau Slab have become international bestsellers. He co-developed the typeface for the new Berlin Airport. He is most well known, however, for the font editor ‘Glyphs’, first released in 2011. Seifert lives and works in Berlin.

Graphic Designer

Tigran Sosoyan is a well-known Armenian designer. He works as a lecturer at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. He is the author of numerous typefaces, logos for the companies and certificates. In addition, he is a prizewinner of a typeface and graphics international competition.

2 – 8 October 2017 Yerevan, Armenia

This year's GRANSHAN non-Latin conference took place in Yerevan, Armenia – the place where everything started ten years ago!
The conference has been held at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. In the TUMO Center, technology and art merge to offer young people everything they need to give them a competitive edge in a digital world. In this environment of productive potential, the GRANSHAN Conference has gathered international typeface designers and engineers for professional exchange and networking.

Monday to Thursday 2 October to 5 October: GRANSHAN Study Trip – A deep insight in Armenians script and writing culture
Thursday to Saturday 5 October to 7 October: GRANSHAN Conference
Wednesday and Thursday 4/5 October: GRANSHAN Jury Meeting (not public)

Please see detailed schedule and program below as PDF (English and Armenenian)


Tickets for the GRANSHAN Conference in Yerevan, Armenia are now available!
  • Get your ticket at the OFFICIAL TICKET SHOP
  • There are special rates for locals.
    Get benefit from the Early Bird rate until 10 September 2017!

    Where does the GRANSHAN Conference take place?
    • We are very happy that the GRANSHAN Conference will be hosted at TUMO Center of Creative Technologies: Halabyan 16, Yerevan, Armenia,, +374 (10) 398413

    Wednesday, 4 October (afternoon | at TUMO Center):
    • Special workshop with Rainer Scheichelbauer & Georg Seifert from GLYPHSAPP – Introduction to Glyphs with special focus on Armenian

    Get started in digital type design with Glyphs, and learn some useful tricks for Armenian. No prior experience required. Bring your MacBook (macOS 10.9 or later).
    Max. 20 participants. Get your free ticket here: workshop

    Չորեքշաբթի, Հոկտեմբերի 4 (կեսօրին, ԹՈՒՄՈ կենտրոնում)

    • Հատուկ վարպետաց դասեր GLYPHSAPP ընկերության Ռեյներ Շայխելբաուերի և Գեորգ Զաիֆերտի հետ – գրանշանի ներկայացում հատուկ շեշտադրում կատարելով հայերենին:

    Միացեք թվային տառատեսակներին գրանշանի հետ միասին և բացահայտեք օգտակար հնարքներ հայերենի համար: Նախնական փորձ չի պահանջվում: Ձեզ հետ բերեք Ձեր MacBook-երը (mac OS 10 կամ ավելի նոր մեդելներ)

    Max. 20 participants. Get your free ticket here: workshop

    Stay tuned for the announcement of more workshops and masterclasses during the conference days.

    There will be four days full of trips to outstanding places in the surrounding of Yerevan. Please find all details on the study trips here.
    There will be several Exhibitions during the week of GRANSHAN Conference.
    All of them will be hosted by TUMO. 
    • GRANSHAN Competition 2016 winners’ awarded typefaces
    • Students works of Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia and Polytechnic University
    • Calligraphy works of students Fine Arts college after Terlemezyan and TUMO Creative Technologies Center students.
    • Letter.2 (Association Typographique Internationale)


    Yerevan Conference schedule available here.

    Conference Schedule English   Կոնֆերանսի ժամանակացույցը հայերեն



    Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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    Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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    Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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    Granshan Conference 2016 – CAIRO
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