Giga Khatiashvili at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Giga Khatiashvili – Georgian typography

”Giga, what is your opinion on capitals?” “To be quite frank, it is very negative.” … Giga Khatiashvili is reporting on typography in Georgia and pointing out script specific specialities.

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer at GRANSHAN 2017

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer – Tricky Cyrillics

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, one of the brains behind the font editor Glyphs, is giving pro tips for designing Cyrillic – efficiently, but to a perfectionist typographer’s standard.

Chang SIk Kim at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Chang Sik Kim – Hangul, the living letters

Chang Sik Kim is giving a great insight into Hangul – the Korean script – and how the letter shapes were developed and and how they evolved.

Gerry Leonidas at Granshan Conference 2017

Gerry Leonidas – Greek type and typography

We’re starting our second conference day with a keynote talk by Gerry Leonidas, president of ATypI and associate professor at the University of Reading.

Calligraphy Performance by Ruben Malayan and Timothy Donaldson

Armenian meets Latin, ink meets paper. Black on white, white on black – the letters criss cross and intertwine, merge and grow. Fascinating performance by Ruben Malayan and Timothy Donaldson, we are spellbound by the magic of calligraphy.

Edik Ghabuzyan at GRANSHAN conference

Edik Ghabuzyan – The Armenian alphabet

We dive right into the subject of the Armenian script with Edik Ghabuzyan’s keynote presentation. 10 million people globally, 3 million of them in Armenia, share this alphabet – it is an integer part of the Armenian identity. His talk is a passionate appeal for the preservation of the letterforms, styles and traditions, a great start to this conference.

Angela Poghosova on the history of GRANSHAN

Angela Poghosova – The History of GRANSHAN

Angela Poghosova is giving an overview over the ten year history of GRANSHAN: From it’s beginnings as a type competition in Armenia to an organisation promoting non-Latin type and typography on a global scale today.


Greeting words from GRANSHAN curators Boris Kochan, Edik Ghabuzyan, Gerry Leonidas

GRANSHAN Yerevan – Opening notes

For our 10 year anniversary, GRANSHAN is returning to its place of origin: Հայաստան. The conference curators Edik Ghabuzyan, Boris Kochan and Gerry Leonidas open this year’s exhibitions, discussions and talks here at TUMO Center in Yerevan where we are kindly greeted by Armen Amiryan and Aram Gyumishyan. We are very excited to be here, and we are looking forward to a great conference!


We are very excited! The next international GRANSHAN non-Latin Type Conference will take place in Yerevan, Armenia. And not only that: the conference will be hosted at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

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