Georgios D. Matthiopoulos

GRANSHAN Jury 2019: Script expert for Greek Scripts

Georgios D. Matthiopoulos teaches at the School of Design and Civilization, University of West Attica, Athens and his research work is in the fields of type design, typography and Graphic Arts history.

He is a founding member and type designer for the non-profit organization Greek Font Society. He has authored the work Anthology of Greek Typography (University of Crete Press, 2009), the textbooks Lettering and Flexography (Greek Open University Press, 2002) and he has translated into Greek the works of: Robert Bringhurst, Elements of Typographic Style (University of Crete Press, 2001), Victor Scholderer, Greek Printing Types, 1465-1927 (Typophilia, 1995), Tim Wu, The Master Switch. The Rise and Fall of Information Empires (Gialos, 2012) and John Berger, A Painter of our Times (University of Crete Press, 2002).

He has also designed many books, art catalogues, and museum exhibitions and he has contributed articles and monographs in many conferences and editions on typography. In 2005 he won the Greek Design Award ((EVGE) for his typographic work in the edition Pindar’s Olympic Odes (Athens Olympics 2004) and again in 2018 as member of the design team (D. Papazoglou, G. Triantafyllakos, A. Peemmöler) for the visual communication of the National Library of Greece.

He currently works as a consultant for the development of the Museum of Printing and Graphic Arts Technology at the University of Ioannina, Greece.

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