Georgian Font at GRANSHAN Conference

The Caucasus Business Week made an announcement for the GRANSHAN conference and typography week in Yerevan.
Thank you, we liked it :-)


Outlook to Granshan 2018

Outlook to Granshan 2018

Thanks to all speakers, organizers, sponsors and a wonderful audience for this successful event! It has been a blast!
Today, Edik Ghabuzyan and Boris Kochan with the founding members Chang Sik Kim and Gerry Leonidas are announcing next year’s location.
SAVE THE DATE: 23 – 29 July 2018 GRANSHAN Conference will take place in beautiful California!

Sponsor Commercial amoung others

Thanks to our generous sponsors!

TUMO Center for creative technologies above all for hosting GRANSHAN conference 2017 and supporting in all manners! We were also very grateful for the Sandoll communications having sponsored a highlevel simultanous translation from Armenian to English and viceversa! And very happy were we about commercial sponsoring bags and specimen of Graphik – which, and that was just perfect – was awarded 1st prize in this year’s competition for the Arabic version. Well done!

Paul Geumho Seok CEO of Sandoll Communications, inc. at GRANSHAN conference 2017

Paul Geumho Seok – Hangul typeface projects for commercial use

Paul Geum Ho Seok, founder of the Korean type foundry Sandoll, is sharing his experience and views on designing Hangul specifically with a commercial context in mind, showing some of their work for clients such as Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Apple as well as for their own library.

Round Table with previous Armenian GRANSHAN Winners

Hrant Papazian and Khajag Apelian are discussing Armenian type with previous GRANSHAN winners Hrachuhi Grigoryan, Marieta Arzumanyan, and Syuzi Hakobyan.

Khajag Apelian at GRANSHAN Conference 2017


Khajak Apelian, designer and educator, is talking us through his process of researching and designing an Armenian typeface – one that would be distinctly Armenian, yet contemporary.

Hrant Papazian at GRANSHAN Conference 2017


“Armenian people have two hearts – not always beating in sync. But two hearts is better than one.“ Hrant Papazian is speaking about Armenian typography, in Armenia and globally. Armenian typefaces look to the west, for diasporans it is the opposite.


Three positions of Armenian specialists on Armenian calligraphy, scripts and writings. We delve into the wide realm of Armenian scripture.

Susanne Zippel at GRANSHAN conference 2017

Susanne Zippel – Typography for Johannes Bobrowski

Susanne Zippel is showing a multi-script design project about the works of German poet Johannes Bobrowski.

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer at GRANSHAN

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer – Tricky Variable Fonts

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer is giving some playful examples of what variable fonts can do.


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