Paul Geumho Seok

Type Designer, CEO

Geumho Seok is an influential typographer, font designer, educator and he is also CEO who runs type foundry named ‘Sandoll Communications’. He was born in 1955 and live with his family in Seoul. He graduated Hongik University where is one of the most highly renowned universities in the area of Art and Design in Seoul and studied Visual Communication Design after that, he stepped forward to the graduate course and had a Master Degree with the thesis ‘the study of the legibility for the visual effect of Hangeul text typography’ at the same university.
He started to work as an Art Director for ‘Reader’s Digest’ where was most well-known magazine publisher in the year 1978 and had built design career with some interesting works such as editorial design and Hangeul typography works. As an Art Director for Reader’s Digest, he focused deeply on research into ‘the legibility of Hangeul text’ is to say ocular movement including bibliopsychology. In the midst of working in Reader’s Digest, he faced the situation of that not only Korean Photocomposer but Hangeul glass plate were imported from Japan, so he offered his resignation. Then he established ‘Sandoll Communications’ that was the first type foundry in Korea in 1984. After that, he has developed a
diversity of Hangeul font designs as a Korean’s first type designer through over 30 years. The key examples of type design are Sandoll Jebi, Sandoll Doll, Sandoll 50, Sandoll Iyag and Sandoll book ex cetera. With talented designers and developers, Sandoll has over 600 types of font being sold through on online and been held in high regard.
He has actively participated into a various font development projects of multi-languages with global corporations based on the knowledge of typography. He also has been working on the projects that design corporation type font (brand font) for major firms such as HyundaiCard, Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Samsung and LG Group, especially, Google Noto Sans and Apple Sandoll Gothic Neo are most representative project.
He indulges his passion into education for a long time. He worked as an adjunct professor and taught about typography and type design for 20 years in Hongik University,  sungkyungkwan University, Dankook University and Sangmyung University. He also puts his heart and soul into education of Hangeul design to do free talk about type design and typography.

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